• 28000000$

Stolen Picasso painting “Portrait of Dora Maar” or “Buste de Femme (Dora Maar)” worth $28 million recovered after 20 years

A missing Picasso painting worth $28 million has been recovered by a Dutch art detective, 20 years after it was stolen from the yacht of a Saudi sheikh off the south coast of France.
The 1938 masterpiece, entitled “Portrait of Dora Maar” or “Buste de Femme (Dora Maar)” vanished from the yacht of Saudi billionaire Sheikh Abdul Mohsen Abdulmalik Al-Sheikh while it was being refurbished in the town of Antibes in 1999.
The painting previously hung in Picasso’s home until his death in 1973 and depicts the artist’s muse.
The case baffled French police and it was feared that the artwork had been lost forever, until rumors emerged that the painting had surfaced on the Dutch black market.
Arthur Brand, a renowned Dutch art detective dubbed “the Indiana Jones of the art world,” said he first learned that a stolen Picasso painting had emerged in the Netherlands in 2015, but did not know which work it was.
Source: CNN